Monopoly Live Casino Show by Evolution

Since its release in 2019, Monopoly Live has brought its creator, Evolution, at least two Game of the Year awards: from EGR (2019) and Gaming Intelligence (2020). The Monopoly Live game offers a perfect blend of a live show run by a dealer and augmented reality that replicates the epic board game. During the main gameplay, you will see a big vertically mounted wheel and a virtual Mr Monopoly near it. This stunning combination of the real and the virtual, coupled with an immersive bonus round, has cemented the popularity of the live show with online casino players. Evolution Monopoly Live has wide bet limits, so having only ten cents, you can easily embark on the adventure to your favourite Monopoly Live casino. If you want to maximise your winning chances, this review has a couple of helpful strategies to do it.

  • Monopoly Live Game interface
  • Monopoly Live Game interface
  • Monopoly Live Game interface
  • Monopoly Live Game interface
  • Monopoly Live Game interface

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Monopoly Live studio and dealers

The game is broadcast from a studio that looks like a big apartment in a skyscraper. The cityscape behind the window is created as an animated cartoon, so players can see a densely populated modern city with tall buildings, cars, and air balloons.

The studio features a big vertical wheel with 54 sections at the centre, a medium-sized wooden rack with two dice inside (part of a bonus feature), and a virtual blue chair where Mr Monopoly sits during gameplay. He is reading the Monopoly News or drinking coffee, and the camera regularly focuses on him as if he were a real guy. Due to the overlaying of the computer-generated images over the real settings, the studio looks impressive and realistic.

Evolution’s dealers are very skilled and seem to be competent. They are lively and nice-looking. They respond to players’ comments professionally, ignoring some insulting or provocative messages. If you play Monopoly Live, you will notice that presenters alternate about every 30 minutes. The live show has a strong following among players, regardless of its 4+ years on the market, with about 2000 players connected to the game at a time.

Monopoly Live wheel

The live show uses a standard-size wheel found in other Evolution games, except for Funky Time, where it is bigger and has 64 segments. The Monopoly wheel is all-real. It does not have a digital front compared to the Digiwheel. There are seven unique segments, but players may bet on six.

User interface and game design

The live show has a regular Evolution interface that gives access to the basic and advanced settings. Everything is arranged intuitively so that even novices can find what they want without any issues. At the bottom part of the screen, you can see a betting area with six available options to be explored in detail below. Besides, you can also find casino chips enabling you to pick a bet size. At the top right corner, you can see the main settings listed in the table below:

UI element What does it do?
Chat Opens a chat window at the right. It is pretty massive and overlaps a portion of the reel and the presenter if they are standing to the right-hand side of the wheel.
Switch view Switches between the normal (big) and small active screens where the video feed is. This option is helpful if the player has connection problems (unstable or poor internet).
Sound Adjusts the sound volume, enables/mutes the sound.
Settings This menu entry consists of three tabs. In the “General” tab, you can hide other players' chat and select your game alias. Other settings include adjusting video quality from four quality options (HD+ to Medium) and checking/unchecking the automatic adjustment feature. There are also a few sound settings.
Game history This helpful tool enables Evolution fans to keep track of all wins and losses in Evolution games. When you open that feature, you will see the dates and times of your betting activity in live games from that provider as well as the results of each bet.
How to play This is a Help section with all the rules and details about Live Monopoly, including payouts, player’s return, error handling, and shortcut keys. Players are advised to read that section thoroughly to make smarter betting decisions.
Full screen The feature is self-explanatory.

Monopoly Live chat

The chat functionality in the live casino Monopoly enables the connected players to do the following:

  • Send messages to other players who have joined the live game
  • Address the dealer and ask them something. The dealer may reply, if desired, and answer the question
  • Ask the chat moderator about Monopoly Live results

The abridged chat version is visible at the top left side. Tapping on the Chat button in the settings area, you can enable a large chat window that will always be on display at the top. However, this is not an efficient solution for the reasons explained above (overlapping).

If you play Monopoly Live or another table by Evolution, you can click on the headset icon inside the chat to get in touch with the studio’s support reps. There, you should provide details of your request, and they promise to do their utmost to assist you.

Monopoly Live stats

As in other live game shows, the stats tool provides just a superficial insight into the latest results. The Monopoly Live history displays the last 21 outcomes with an option to expand the stats area to the 7x7 grid. However, even at the maximum capability, the Monopoly Live statistics coverage is far from perfect.

This is where the live chat moderators can be helpful. If you want to know the biggest wins in the bonus feature, leave a message in the game chat, e.g. “What’s the biggest bonus win today?”, and an active moderator will respond shortly. Knowing the recent stats—even the last 49 spins—can help one identify the trends and bet accordingly.

Monopoly Live rules and objectives

As in other live game shows in which the money wheel is the centrepiece of the action, Monopoly Live is a game of chance where players should predict where the wheel is going to stop. A typical round flows as follows:

  1. Players make a bet on the sector(-s) they think the flapper will stop on. The betting time is about 15 seconds but can be a bit shorter depending on some factors that we can just guess.
  2. Once the betting time is over, the presenter begins spinning the wheel, accelerating its rotation for about ten seconds.
  3. The wheel stops spinning in about 20-25 seconds, with the flapper at the top pointing at one of the 54 sectors.
  4. That sector will be announced the winner, and all players who have bet on it will get a corresponding award, unless a Roll or Chance sector wins, in which case a bonus feature activates.

Bet limits

The live casino Monopoly has certain bet limits that are clearly shown at the top left corner of the active window. The game features a total max limit of $10,000 as well as individual limits for each type of bet. These are as follows:

Bet option Max limits
Number 1 $10,000
Number 2 $10,000
Number 5 $6000
Number 10 $4000
2 Rolls $2000
4 Rolls $1000

The lowest accepted bet is 10 cents on any bet spot. Note that the ceiling bet amount of $10k is not uniform across all casino sites. Some Live Monopoly casinos are entitled by the vendor to establish their own maximum limits, so there could come a point when you find a gambling venue with different limits.

Bet options in Monopoly Live

So when the wheel does not move, players are given about fifteen seconds to place a bet on the results of the next spin. If you have enough funds in the casino account (at least ten cents), you can pick any of the six options. To make a bet successfully, you should first pick one or more chips denominated at $0.10, $0.50, $1, $5, $25, and $100.

There are also two buttons to help you manage your bet size. The Undo button to the left allows you to cancel your recent placement of chips. Another button, x2, doubles all the placed bets.

Below are the available bet options and the number of sectors on the wheel:

Bet option No of spots on the wheel Hit frequency
Number 1 22 40.7%
Number 2 15 27.8%
Number 5 7 13%
Number 10 4 7.4%
2 Rolls 3 5.6%
4 Rolls 1 1.9%

Chance sector

The wheel features two Chance sectors situated opposite each other on the wheel. When the flapper stops on either, you will be awarded a random cash prize or a multiplier. If cash appears on the Chance card, it will be immediately added to every bettor’s balance.

If a multiplier emerges, all the bets remain where they are, and the presenter makes the second wheel spin. When it stops, a standard payout applicable to the winning number will be multiplied by the Chance multiplier. For example, if you wagered $10 on “2” and got a Chance multiplier of x5, you will finally win 10 x 2 x 5 = $100 instead of a normal $20 reward for that number.

A great thing happens if the next spin is a bonus feature, in which case the multiplier received on the Chance card will apply to all the multipliers on the virtual Monopoly board before Mr Monopoly starts his run. This way, you can finally win a hatful of money.

Monopoly Live payouts

The principle of earning money in a casino Live Monopoly is pretty much the same as in other live shows from Evolution, Playtech or other studios. Once the wheel matches the bet you have placed, you will be credited with the amount corresponding to the winning segment. In Monopoly casinos live, players get the following payouts:

Bet option Normal payout
Number 1 1:1
Number 2 2:1
Number 5 5:1
Number 10 10:1
2 Rolls depends on the outcome of the bonus
4 Rolls depends on the outcome of the bonus

So the math behind payouts is basic: A player who has wagered on the winning number will get his bet multiplied by that number.

The maximum winning amount is limited to $500,000 or x10,000, whichever is reached first. One can notice it can take months for a lucky player to grab that princely sum. Actually, chances go to zero; however, winning $0.5m is not improbable. Suppose you bet $50 and get x10 Chance multipliers two times in a row, which are followed by a 4 Rolls bonus feature. When this occurs, each multiplier on the virtual board will be ramped up by x100. The remarkable thing is that the above example is not just a theoretical fairytale.

Bonus round in Live Monopoly

The bonus feature is the staple of Live Monopoly. Players can earn money betting only on numbers, but the bonus game is where all the cash is. To take part in the feature, a player should place a bet on “2 Rolls” or “4 Rolls”, both having a 7.5% hit probability. Those who have not wagered on either sector will just watch the Monopoly Live bonus without winning the associated money prize.

The feature begins with the presenter’s giving the floor to Mr Monopoly, who invites everyone to join him on the 3D Monopoly board. An elevator brings him down to the ground level, where a large three-dimensional game board is shown. He hops on the starting square from which the game begins.

Monopoly board

The field has the same layout as the well-known table game, with Utilities, Properties, Railways, and some other spaces featuring basic multiplier values at the very beginning. But a few seconds after the bonus kicks off, houses and hotels will be built on random properties, thus increasing their values (normally two- to three-fold).

Automatic dice roller

The feature is played with two dice. Whenever the flapper stops at “2 Rolls”, players get two rounds in the board game. If the wheel stops on “4 Rolls”, players get four rounds, meaning the pair of dice will be rolled four times. To randomise each outcome, the game uses an automatic dice roller that seems to be located in the studio near the wheel (but this is not certain). Anyway, when it’s time to determine how many steps Mr Monopoly will make around the board, the elastic surface on which the dice rest begins to vibrate, making the two dice bob up and down. A few seconds later, the surface comes to a halt, and so do the dice, now showing two random numbers 1 to 6 each.

Some players raise concerns that Evolution uses pre-recorded videos during the dice rolling. These concerns stem from the fact that the camera shows only that automatic device in a close-up view; there’s no studio, no presenter, and no other details in picture to prove that the rolling does happen in real time. In other game shows, e.g. Funky Time, players can see some action around a bonus-related device, pointing to the fact everything’s happening live. Sure, we cannot state such a reputable and well-respected provider implements scammy practices, but this is something we cannot overlook.

Monopoly Live bonus flow

After the dice are rolled, Mr Monopoly moves the number of spaces corresponding to the dice value. If landed on a property, the respective multiplier will be added to the bonus counter, after which the dice are rolled again. The gameplay essence is identical to the iconic table game: Players move their tokens (Mr Monopoly) and collect a reward when someone steps on their property. The board has a few other sections that have the following impact on players:

  • Go to Jail: This is the tenth space from the initial one, situated at the corner. Stepping on it, Mr Monopoly will be locked in place until two doubles (two of the same pip values on the dice, e.g. 3+3) are thrown.
  • Community Chest or Chance: Players get a random cash prize.
  • Income Tax / Super Tax: These are the most hated spaces. If either is your stop, your bonus winnings will be deducted by 10% or 20%, accordingly.

Another rule that can affect your winnings (though this rarely occurs) is that after Mr Monopoly makes one full turn around the board and passes “Go”, all subsequent rolls will pay double.

The bonus feature ends when no more rolls are left on the counter. You will see your Monopoly Live score for that bonus, showing how much you have won.

What happens if you get a double?

Doubles occur when the two dice show the same number of pips. So, when the roller throws doubles, all players will have an extra turn. How often the doubles occur can be calculated by applying the probability theory.

There are six possible outcomes when rolling one dice: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. With two dice, the probabilities are six squared, i.e. 36. As for doubles, there are six dice combinations: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, 4-4, 5-5, 6-6. This means the possibility of getting a double in any dice roll is 6 of 36 (or 1/6).

How much can I win in the bonus game?

A feature with two rolls often ends with a total multiplier of about x5 to x10. If you are lucky to enter the game with four rolls to be made, you can grab an average of x20 to x40. This is because multipliers get larger with distance from the starting point. According to what we saw in Monopoly Live trackers and in the public chat of the game, the max daily win in 4 Rolls can be x100 to x200, but sure, this is not the limit of dreams. As is written above, there’s a tiny probability of stopping at Chance on the wheel, grabbing a multiplier, and hitting a bonus section, which can finally lead to a big win within the officially fixed maximum limit.

Monopoly Live RTP

The player return is an important characteristic that many players consider before betting real money in one or another game. However, this value should not be a decisive factor for casual players who prefer short game sessions because RTP is premised upon millions of rounds, which means that your $100 original bankroll can turn into $10,000 in one hour or you can lose it all in ten minutes however high the RTP is.

Each bet spot has its return, and it has nothing to do with the hit frequency. Moreover, betting only on bonuses turns out to be less profitable than on numbers, which is counter-intuitive because Monopoly Live big wins mainly occur during the bonus feature. However, the rareness of landing 2- or 4-Rolls balances out the occasional big payouts. The table displays RTPs for the six bet options present in the live show:

Bet option RTP
Number 1 92.88%
Number 2 96.23%
Number 5 91.30%
Number 10 96.02%
2 Rolls 93.90%
4 Rolls 93.67%

Monopoly Live strategies

Video slots have a property known as “variance”. It shows how often the slot awards cash prizes, e.g. a high-variance game produces payable combinations more rarely, but each winning is usually much larger. Virtually every slot has a built-in variance that cannot be adjusted by players or casino operators. So, players who lean toward frequent winnings choose from a specific category of “low-volatile” slots.

Most live game shows, including the Monopoly Live game, enable one to pick a betting routine reflecting the player’s bias: frequent (but low) or seldom (but great) cash prizes. The strategies below can help players streamline their betting approach and get the best out of their bankroll.

Betting on 1 only

The wheel features 22 “1” sectors, making it the most frequently landed outcome. Though it is hit with a probability of almost 41% (or 42.7% if excluding the Chance sectors from the calculations), players like this kind of bet. On the other hand, it has even-money payouts, though its true odds are much lower than in European roulette’s even-money bets (48.65%). This strategy bears low risks and can help you keep your bankroll for longer.

Betting on bonus sectors only

With four bonus segments on the wheel, the Monopoly feature is activated about every 1 of 14 spins. This means your average losses can be 28 bet units (min bet is ten cents, as a reminder) until you ultimately make it to the bonus. With two rolls available, you will hardly win more than x28 to cover the betting expenses, but the 4-Roll feature can be very beneficial—though not always.

Betting on bonuses + number 1

The probability of getting any of the three segments is 48 to 50% (depending on whether we take into account the Chance sector that re-spins the wheel, or not). There are three outcomes of this approach. Let’s view all of them, assuming you place one bet unit on either bonus and two chips on “1”:

  1. If none of the segments lands, you will lose three chips (odds for that are about 1:1)
  2. If number 1 hits, you will break even (odds are about 2:5)
  3. If either bonus wedge lands, you will lose two chips but proceed to the bonus feature (odds are about 1:10)

This is also a low-risk approach that will let you take part in a bonus but win nothing on number 1.

You can also devise your own Monopoly Live strategy if you perfectly well get hold of the synergies between the true odds and payouts. For example, you can consider covering all bet positions at once (though you should do this carefully if you wager a bonus), which is a losing tactic in the mid-term horizon but can be emolumentary during short sessions.

Joining another Evolution table

The Evolution platform and its functionalities are the same across all the live games, so whichever live show or table game you get connected to, there is always a possibility to join another game without leaving the current one. To play Monopoly Live and other game all at once, you should tap the “+ Table” button at the bottom right, which splits the screen into two and opens the Evolution lobby in the right part of the screen, while your active game will be up and running on the left.

Browsing the lobby, you can place bets, use the chat box, and do other things you normally do in Monopoly Live, except that the game will be minimised to fit half of the screen. You can snap up to three or four windows on a single screen. This essentially opens up a way to quadruple your gambling fun and entertainment. The process is similar to the two-way split screen.

Alternative live shows in Monopoly Live casinos

Many live shows are designed by utilising a money wheel. It represents a big, usually vertically mounted wheel divided into 54 sections. Sure, there are other layouts (e.g. 64 sections in Funky Time), but most wheels used in game shows traditionally have 54 wedges, serving as a means of randomisation in deciding the outcome of the round. If you like Live Monopoly and the money wheel as an underpinning element of the game, you are encouraged to give a try to alternative games that are as popular and trendy as Live Monopoly.

Crazy Time

This superb live show will see you enjoying four bonus features and Evolution’s typical $500k cap on winnings. Bet sizes are affordable for low bettors and attractive for high rollers, $0.1 to $10,000 per round. You will certainly appreciate the four bonus rounds in Crazy Time: Cash Hunt where you must shoot a cannon to reveal a win multiplier, Coin Flip with a simple heads-or-tails mechanic, Pachinko based on the Plinko model, and an incredible Crazy Time with a giant wheel and tons of huge multipliers. A Top Slot device will add random bonus multipliers to almost every spin, thus enhancing your payouts.

Funky Time

One of the latest game shows by Evolution, Funky Time has four awesome features such as two Disco bonuses where you can win big multipliers on the dance floor, a Bar mini-game where a robot bartender will pour you three cocktails to pick from, and Stayin’ Alive that is similar to Cash or Crash thanks to the ball-drawing machine and a multiplier ladder. Funky Time has more betting options than Monopoly Live, e.g. 12 bets on letters, each paying out 25:1. The maximum win is 500k dollars.

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher provides a classic money wheel experience with only six main bets (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40) and no bonus rounds. Adding diversity are x2 and x7 multiplier sectors that will increase the subsequent payout by x2 or x7. If two or three multipliers occur in a row (which is unlikely but not improbable), you can boost your profits up to the familiar $500k cap on winnings. Dream Catcher was Evolution’s first title in a brand-new game category — Live Money Wheel.

Spin A Win

This game show by Playtech looks and feels like Dream Catcher in that it has a 54-segment wheel and six main bets (numbers 1 to 40). A unique feature added to this game is three side bets, enabling the player to place chips on whether the winning segment will be an even or odd number or a multiplier. Furthermore, Spin A Win is part of the Golden Chip bonus run by Playtech. The max RTP in this game is 97.22% if always betting on Even. The game also has two spinoffs, one of which has the branded Age of the Gods progressive jackpot attached.

The Greatest Cards Show

This is perhaps the only live show with so many bet spots, counting to over 50. In place of typical numbers and bonus sections, you will see the bet options corresponding to card suits and pip values (two to Ace). Some wheel sections can turn silver or golden, activating a Spotlights or Light Show bonus with multipliers of up to x5000. The most immersive part of the live show is the Joker bonus, where you must duel with other players for the highest multiplier of x1000. A spectacular game that Monopoly Live fans will surely love!

Final thoughts

Monopoly Live by Evolution is a captivating and innovative take on the classic board game that has brought joy to generations. This live casino adaptation successfully combines elements of chance and skill to create an engaging and interactive gaming experience. With its impressive 3D graphics, charismatic host, and the thrill of the money wheel, Monopoly Live offers players an exhilarating journey through the familiar streets of Monopoly City.

The game’s bonus round adds an extra layer of excitement and opportunities for generous payouts, which are capped at $500,000. Whether you're a seasoned Monopoly enthusiast or a newcomer to the franchise, Monopoly Live offers something for everyone. With its seamless integration of live streaming and cutting-edge technology, Monopoly Live has set a new standard for online gaming entertainment.


  • What is Monopoly Live by Evolution?

    Monopoly Live is an exciting live show created by Evolution, based on the classic board game Monopoly. It combines elements of a live game show with the familiar Monopoly theme.
  • How do I play Monopoly Live?

    To play Monopoly Live, you place bets on different segments of the Monopoly wheel and predict where the wheel will stop. A presenter spins the wheel, and you win based on your bets.
  • Is Monopoly Live like the traditional board game?

    While Monopoly Live is inspired by the classic board game, it's more of a live casino game show. It doesn't involve property trading or building, but it does feature iconic characters and elements.
  • What are the different bets I can make in Monopoly Live?

    You can bet on six segments of the Monopoly wheel, such as numbers, “2 Rolls”, and “4 Rolls”. Each bet offers different odds and payouts.
  • Is Monopoly Live available on mobile devices?

    Yes, Evolution has optimised Monopoly Live for mobile play, allowing you to enjoy the game on smartphones and tablets.
  • Is Monopoly Live fair?

    Yes, Evolution is a reputable provider known for its fair and regulated live casino games.
  • What is the RTP of Monopoly Live?

    The RTP of Monopoly Live varies depending on the bets you place. Typically, it ranges from 91.3% to 96.2%, making it a reasonably competitive game in terms of payouts.
  • Are there any special features in Monopoly Live?

    Yes, the game features a bonus round triggered by the "2 Rolls" and "4 Rolls" segments. It can lead to exciting multipliers and cash prizes.
  • Can I play Monopoly Live with a small budget?

    Absolutely! Monopoly Live allows you to place bets of varying sizes (min 10 cents), making it suitable for players with different budgets.
  • Is Monopoly Live a game of skill or luck?

    While some strategy can be involved in placing bets, Monopoly Live is primarily a game of chance. The outcome depends on where the wheel stops, making it accessible to both novice and experienced players.